Tuesday, 3 August 2010


1. Shinjuku at Dusk, 2. sweetest thing, 3. Fosqueja a Asakusa / Dusk in Asakusa, 4. spring in gotokuji 1, 5. smile : maiko (geisha apprentices) kyoto, japan / canon 7d   日本・京都 舞妓  , 6. Gardens, Heian Shrine, Kyoto, 7. Heian Jingu Shrine, 8. A small part of Tokyo..., 9. Tokyo: Ochanomizu

A themed mosaic for this flickr favorites and it is about dream destinations. I think you can tell mine is Tokyo. I am amazed by the Japanese culture by the fact that although they are so technologically advanced they have a very strong tradition. It seems like such a place of contradiction, one day you walk around huge skyscrapers and the next you are in some small temple walking around its beautiful garden. Walking in the streets and meeting Harajuku girls or a pretty geisha. Well a girl can dream, until then I can ogle at the lovely photos!
One day in Tokyo, I think I'd like to stay for a month!
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  1. So nice pictures and beautiful mosaic also!

    Have a nice day!

  2. What a nice combination. I'm planning Japan in my round the world trip 2012 and I cannot wait to feel the contrasts !!
    Nice theme !!

  3. I'll join you in having Japan as a dream destination! I especially would love to go supply shopping there! :)

  4. I'd love to visit Tokio as well! And I also think that one day wouldn't be enough ;)
    I'd love to spend at least a month in every city I visit, so I can really taste the place and its culture!

  5. If you have the chance, do visit Tokyo. All Japan, for that matter. You will never see the world with the same eyes again.