Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Summer boredom

1. 137, 2. soft bell, 3. Herbstaster_01, 4. Purple Power

Another heatwave has me counting days until autumn, I feel so drained with no desire to do anything. Tomorrow I will have to brave the heat and go out, really not looking forward to that. The good thing is that everybody else is on vacation that means that the streets are empty, no traffic and empty buses, that's Athens in August.
I have been taking photos of stuff for a while, mostly flowers and some from my village in the Peloponnese. I have nearly 2000 photos in my hard drive but I think only a few are really good.
The first photo is mine, a lilac flower in our country house. I love taking photos of flowers, unfortunately summer in Greece is too hot for any kind of flower to bloom. I joined this group recently, it's so colorful!
Play along at Artmind's blog here!


  1. Your lilac flower photo is great, I am sure you have plenty more where that came from.
    I love the shades of the flowers you picked for your mosaic!

  2. OMG the colours in this are amazing. It's such a stunning mosaic. Your photo is so special. The colour is stunning. Love it!

  3. We've had only a short period of really hot hot weather and it feels like Autumn has come already here now. I'm so not ready for it yet as I feel I need more energy to survive until spring...
    I can understand how you long for some fresh weather though! Keep cool! Eat lots of icecubes! ;) The flowers are so dreamy!