Tuesday, 10 August 2010


1. Poison Vial/Dagger, 2. ghost, 3. Drowning Ophelia, 4. Flirt with Hades

My knowledge of Shakespeare's plays is largely based on movie adaptations of his plays: I have seen and loved Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet, The merchant of Venice, where I was blown away by all the performances, Richard the III, with an amazing Ian Mckellen, A midsummer night's dream, a funny one but not in my favorite movie's list, Much ado about nothing, where I loved the playfulness between Branagh and Emma Thomson and finally Titus, a beautiful violent film with Anthony Hopkins.
Last night I saw Hamlet, I liked the idea of the play being set in modern New York but it made me realize that the most beautiful thing about the movie was the words they said. Line after line I was struck by the beauty of Shakespeare's play. I have to admit that reading his plays seems like a daunting task, I have only read Othello and that was from a greek translation. I do believe that a lot is lost in the translation but until now I hadn't decided to try reading one of his plays from the original text. So next time I go book hunting I will be definitely looking for some Shakespeare!
Also this has been a favorite painting of mine for a very long time!
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  1. wow such drama in these pics!! well done and found!!

  2. I'm like you: only seen Shakespeare in movies but perhaps it has to do with generation.
    Sometimes I wish I was born much earlier in times - not knowing anything about the seductions of the internet but perhaps read some Shakespeare instead!! ;)

  3. "Drowning Ophelia" is so hauntingly stunning!

    Great mosaic! :)