Tuesday, 20 July 2010


1. Banksy love, 2. ZAP, 3. Graffiti, Hasselt, 4. Graffiti por "osgemeos"

A while ago I saw this movie about graffiti, it was pretty amazing. I've always loved graffiti and consider it an art form. In wiki there is this interesting article, in Pompeii after the volcano eruption graffiti was preserved on the walls and it included curses, magic spells, declarations of love, alphabets, political slogans and famous literary quotes!
There is a street here in Greece, were there is graffiti by many artists including the osgemeos team from Brazil, the last photo is their work. The second photo is a Greek artist, he is pretty amazing, you can check out more of his work here.
To see more mosaics visit Artmind's blog!


  1. Amazing Streetart!
    have a creative week!

  2. love graffiti art! I think that would be better to give the artist some spaces, in the cities, to make them, some of them are gorgeous and nobody can see them!
    great theme and collage!

  3. nice nice nice !!! love well done graffiti
    Tamar x

  4. Love you mosaic. This is one nice selection of street art!

  5. I love graffiti art, the last photo is totally amazing!
    thanks for sharing your favorites

  6. Cool information!
    Unfortunatelly, The most of graffiti I see around my city are pretty awful... but the ones in your mosaic are great :)

  7. I love urban arts =)
    What a great theme!

  8. This is beautiful, I love arts also!

  9. Sometimes amazing places where you find graffiti. I always wonder how and when they make it !

  10. I love a good graffiti but I dislike the random scribbles you see far too often. They are usually disturbing I think. Lovely links! :)