Friday, 18 June 2010


This is pretty easy to make, you need: air drying clay, cookie cutter shaped like a flower, skewers, ribbon and smaller beads. Flatten a piece of the clay with a rolling pin or your hands and use the cookie cutter to cut out two flowers. Use the skewers to make two holes on opposites ends to each flower. To make the round beads: you can vary their sizes, big as a hazelnut, bigger and smaller (mine are about twice as big as a hazelnut) and again use the skewer to open the holes. Leave them to dry, it can take a day or so. Paint them with acrylics (you can put the beads on a skewer it's easier to paint it whole) and seal with an acrylic varnish. Put the whole thing together and tie the ribbon in knots to secure the position of the beads. Hang it in the house for everyone to admire!

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