Monday, 10 May 2010

Road Signs

1. Debonair Motel Sign #1, 2. road sign. kelso, ca. 1999., 3. Camel, wombat and kangaroo warning sign. Nullarbor Australia, 4. Avalanche

Road signs warn you of what's coming up ahead, wouldn't it be nice if life did the same? I'm in a rut right now, would like to know when it will end!
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  1. Oh Alex, I don't know if I would like roadsigns in life. I kind of like the living by surprise thing. :) I think the 'not maintained road' could be on every highway in Belgium! :)

  2. Well, there wouldn't be much excitement if life did that... I like those signs. I find rather amusing the one that warns of 3 different types of animals in the coming 92km... not 95, not 90... 92... someone counted!

    Cool mosaic!


  3. I'm afraid I have to agree with Mitsy. I think if we knew what was just around the corner, we might never venture off anywhere new.

    Loving the concept though. I'm giggling just thinking about signs popping up warning you of the consequences of saying something stupid. Complete with blaring sirens :)

  4. very interesting and unique fav you have this week!:)

  5. great concet - I used to love taking photos of roadsigns when I was younger =)

  6. Nice collection!
    Well, living by surprise is challenging and more exciting, but it surely would be handy to have a sign when danger's on our way!

  7. eeh i love the sign of kangaroo, wombat, camel....

    here we have the sign " warning sign for cows and for deers.

  8. I love this mosaic, makes me think of my biggest dream, a long travel holiday, somewhere far far away

    thanks for that