Tuesday, 25 May 2010


1. Urban Swap 2, 2. Pattern Sample - Stitched Heart n Hypo, 3. ♥ the singer - part one, 4. Rococo Sunset

I decided to do an embroidery mosaic since these last few days that's all I've been doing! I am just a beginner but I've been enjoying it so much. I'm thinking of buying a book about the different kind of stitches and how to do them, any suggestions?
Rainbow of stitches submissions open until May 31.


  1. Love it! I adore embroidery work =)

  2. Oh wow! I wish I have the patient to do the embroidery like that:)

  3. Stop mentioning embroidery please! ;)
    I have been wanting to try it out but I already have too little time to get everything done!
    Don't hesitate to show some results of your work please! :)

  4. Lovely choices :)
    I don't know embroidery techniques, but I envy the patience and the skill it takes!

  5. I've started embroidery too, it's difficult but I am enjoying it when I have chance. No recommendations for books, but stuffed away in the April 2007 archives of http://craftydaisies.com/ are some details of the main stitches and 'homework' PDFs.

    Hope that helps x