Sunday 2 June 2013


This is the project I was talking about:
Paper mache jellyfish! We used glass bowls (they are the ones we use when we make creme caramel), turned them over, covered them with plastic wrap (the one we use to cover foods) and then started gluing pieces of newspaper with pva glue. We did three layers so they are quite thin and lightweight. Once the glue was dry on the outside we took them off the bowls, peeled away the plastic wrap and let them dry completely, you can see in the third photo that the inside is still not dry so we waited a day to be sure.
The next day we painted them with gesso, then acrylics in pink and yellow and then glued yellow crepe paper on the inside. I'm still debating whether I should fill them with more crepe paper, I like they way they look now so I don't know.

The nephew's kindergarten will have a summer party when the school closes for summer and it's a sea themed one. The background the teachers have used is a deep blue paper so I'm sure they'll pop and since the party will be outside the jellyfish will be moving with the wind :-)
Wishing you a great Sunday,


  1. They're perfect! Don't add a thing.

  2. very good!
    i like that they will be
    moving with the wind!
    you could add some different colors
    of crepe paper :)