About Us

 Hello, this blog is a reflection of things we make and things we like.We started making jewelry a few years ago and now are slowly turning our passion into a business. A few things about us:

Hi, I'm Aleka.
I love, love, love working with paper, that's a result of my printmaking studies.
I have started stitching and sewing, crafts my mother used to do when I was growing up. I'm just a beginner compared to her.
I love working with felt, cutting it and stitching it to make something cute.Making felt fishes is my absolute favorite.
I make a lot of brooches because I love wearing them.
I ♥ chocolate :-)
Needle felting is a very stress relieving process!
I love taking photographs, especially nature photos, I'm a bit shy and prefer being behind the camera.

Hi, I'm Georgia
Jewelry making is my passion. All kinds of beads, cords and even fabrics inspire me to make necklaces,bracelets and earrings.
I love color and experimenting with new combinations that's why my pieces are so colorful.
Painting on silk is my new obsession.
I love wet felting, soap bubbles are the best!
I get lazy that's why I have so many unfinished pieces. My plan is to finish them by the end of this year (hopefully!)
I'm taking a jewelry class using metals, an exciting new experience 
using new materials.
I love traveling and shopping. When these two are combined
they make me oh so very very happy!!!