Thursday 8 December 2011

Shabby chic Christmas stars

Since we've been preparing for the Christmas bazaars we haven't really had time to decorate our home and get into the Christmas spirit. So I did a simple and easy little craft, here is the shabby chic Christmas stars tutorial.
What you need:
linen fabric (I'm not sure if mine is actually linen but as long as it frays at the edges it's ok)
iron on transfer sheet with printed music sheets - I got mine at The Graphics Fairy
cotton thread
star pattern

Print your music sheet on the iron on paper but make sure you reverse the image, so that you'll avoid having it printed backwards. A simple horizontal flip on photoshop or any editing program will do. Trace the star pattern on the back of the iron on paper and cut out your stars. Place them on your fabric and iron them for a few minutes, usually until the paper changes color, it gets a yellowish hue. Leave to cool off, peel the backing paper and then cut your stars leaving a few millimeters around the edges. You don't have to be perfect doing this, so no pressure. Cut off another set of stars from the same fabric, using the printed ones as size guide, to use as backing. Choose your thread colors, I chose a light caramel color and a fuchsia red and stitch the two pieces together. Again you don't have to be perfect doing this, any imperfections just adds character :-) Use a piece of same color thread to make the hanging loops, stitch them and you are done!

Hope you liked it and try it yourself :-)
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  1. beautiful idea! ...every star a song..

  2. i love the graphics fairy, always find something interesting there. Your stars are sweet.

  3. These are fabulous--thanks for sharing your method! I've pinned many ways to go with this!

  4. Lovely idea! These stars look gorgeous!!!
    That old fashioned, shabby-chic look gives them a sweet, romantic touch!

  5. I love your stars - what a fantastic idea!

  6. ooooo ooo I very much like !! lovely recycling of papers there! we have similar creative spaces - how great.

  7. Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Very sweet stars indeed! These would also make good gift tags!

    Cheers! :D

    Visiting from BRAG MONDAY at Graphicsfairy :D

    From Chilly NW Illinois,
    Suzanne at WhyCuzICan

  9. Love your stars! Your tree must look so pretty! Coming over from Brag Monday. =)


  10. These are wonderful! right up my street I love using sheet music in my collages! defo saving this tute. I havent wrapped my presents yet and i'm thinking could do something similar for gift tags. Thanks =)

  11. I did it! well similar but I just used brown wrapping paper - . Thank you one again for the inspiration! Merry Christmas.


  12. A lovely idea! Sharing on pinterest :)

  13. These are cool! :) Thanks for sharing the idea with us. :)

  14. Wonderful star ornaments!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the tutorial!