Friday 11 February 2011

Love notes

A pretty easy tutorial on making little love notes perfect for Valentine's day. I used small scraps of heavy paper about 7x3.5 cm, a heart stencil, colorful markers and pencils. Making the heart stencil is quite simple: you just draw a heart shape on a piece of paper and then cut it carefully using a cutting tool, make sure that the paper you use is thick so it won't get torn while you draw. Place your stencil on top of the paper scrap and using a pencil or a fine tip marker start drawing from one side of the heart to the other. Do the same from the other side so that the lines crisscross. You can just draw vertical lines, or even try horizontal and vertical together. Fold in half, write a little love message inside, punch a hole, tie a pretty string and you're done!

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