Saturday 7 August 2010

Making of a diorama

To make this all you need is a small box (I used a box from a soap bar), some tissue paper, small scraps of thick paper and PVA glue.
1. Take the box and open it carefully at the seam where it is glued together.
2. Next cut away the parts that are colored dark orange. As you can see on one big side is the rectangle that you will cut out and on the other side you will paint and glue your stuff.
3. Paint the inside. I wanted to make it seem like outer space so I used a dark purple color. I didn't paint the small flap because that will fold when I close my box. I also didn't paint the side of the window since that side won't be visible at all.
4. Use smaller scraps of thick paper to cut the shapes you want to put in your box. When you glue something to the background you can use glue dots to make it pop out (I don't have any glue dots so I use small pieces of balsa wood). When you want to put something to the base of your box, score it to make a small fold and glue that on the base. Don't forget to paint the part of the fold that is glued to the base of your box so that it blends in.
5. Glue the top flap first and then the sides. After I apply glue to the flap I flip it over so that it is against my desk and then use the back of a paintbrush to apply force from the inside so that it will glue securely. Next glue the sides. I use PVA glue and have to hold them for a bit until the glue dries.
6. Cover the outside of your box with one or two layers of tissue paper, that will also help cover the parts on the sides that haven't fully closed. Paint with gesso and then you can paint it as you like.
When I finished it I realized that the background is too dark and that's why the planet and the star don't really seem to pop out especially in the photo, they do look better in real life. I think it would have looked better if I had used more colors maybe painted it to look like a milky way or something.
Have fun!

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