Saturday 3 July 2010

Cardboard earrings

These are pretty simple earrings, very cute and easy to make.
1. You will need cardboard, colored paper and PVA glue.
2. Draw two circles on the cardboard and
3. Cut them.
4. Put PVA glue on your cardboard
5. Cut your paper into strips. I cut a smaller piece of paper and then cut out my strips of paper
6. Start gluing the strips on the cardboard, you will need to apply a bit of glue where the paper overlaps.
7. Cut the excess paper leaving enough to cover the side of your cardboard.
8. Glue the sides, you can see where I left a part uncovered but I'll try to fix that
9. Repeat on the other side and try to cover any parts that you missed the first time
10 . Apply acrylic varnish to seal them and make them shine and you have a colorful pair of earrings! I think I will try making a pair with newspaper and colored paper next.
Just don't go swimming with them! Have a great weekend!

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